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Requirements for Professional Art Therapists in Colombia 

In order to acquire and develop art therapy skills, academic training in Art Therapy includes supervised practice. The overall objective of  this practicum is to promote critical reflection of professional practice, through theoretical and practical guidance of a trained professional. It arises in the art therapy student respect for the clinical work carried out during the practicum and to the individual process he or she goes through during the professional development. It is a safe and confidential space between the supervisor and the person or persons who he or she oversees, where self-care, trust and support are encouraged. Ar.Te recognizes the importance of such training and promotes its completion.


To be recognized as a Professional Art Therapist by Ar.Te, the following practicum requirements must be met: 


- At least 900 hours of supervised practice for Acredited Professional Art Therapist and at leas 200 hours of supervised practicum for Professional for Art Therapists.


-Practicum hours should be conducted in an Art Therapy environment; an artistic or psychological environment alone are not enough.


-In order to maintain professional ethics, the students must be accompanied and supervised by an experiences professional art therapist, who will serve as a source of learning, support, guidance and expertise.


-Every ten practicum hours must be accompanied by at least one supervision hour; this implies that an Acredited Professional Art Therapist must have at least 90 supervision hours and a Professional Art Therapist must have at least 20 supervision hours.


-Ar.Te accepts individual or group, in person or virtual supervision.


-Supervisors must be Professional Art Therapists, trained in academic programs recogninzed and accepted by the Colombian Art Therapy Association, Ar.Te. Supervisors acquire the ultimate responsability for the welfare of those who their supervisees attend to.


To be recognized as a Professional Art Therapist by Ar.Te, the following academi requirements must be met:


-Succesfull completion of an approved graduate level program of Art Therapy, internationally recognized and Ar.Te endorsed; or uccesfull completion of at least 32 Art Therapy specific credits in a graduate level of a related field.

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