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Work Committees 

Main objective: Organize time, money, space and human resources, necessary to carry out the activities of Ar.Te. Functions:

  • Optimize the use of resources and check that they are destined and recorded correctly.

  • Strategically build the necessary budget for each activity.

Administrative Committee

Main objective: To guarantee the academic quality and excellence of Ar.Te's educational events, as well as to safeguard the essence of Art Therapy in each one of them. Functions:

  • Evaluate the relevance of the contents set for informative activities (lectures, conferences) and training activities (courses, formative program).

  • Adjust the contents of the informative and training activities according to the satisfaction or feedback surveys made by the participants in them.

Academic Committee

Main objective: To disseminate the events stipulated in the Work Schedule and to assist those interested in the services of Ar.Te. Functions:

  • Generate the contents of the website of Ar.Te and social networks

  • Address the channel of communication with the public through email and explore other forms of alternative advertising.

Publications Committee

Main objective: To coordinate Ar.Te events so that they are carried out according to their purposes, reflecting the quality and ethics of their professionals. Functions:

  • Create and nurture the association's Work Schedule with various activities.

  • Plan and organize the necessary logistics so that each one of the events proposed by Ar.Te is accomplished.

Events Committee

Main objective: Strengthen the human bonds that exalt the values ​​of Ar.Te, within its members and abroad among the public interested in art as an element of transformation.


  • Voluntary group. Support the functions of the other committees and serve as a learning space for future professionals. 

  • Social responsability. Create and support initiatives to bring Art Therapy or art interventions to vulnerable populations or those with special needs.

Community Committee

Contact us if you want to be in any of these groups!

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