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About our Association



To establish high standards in all processes involving professional training, research and practice of Art Therapy in Colombia, having as a premise respect for human rights, for liberty and for equality.



The Colombian Art Therapy Association, Ar.Te, will be recognized for its ability of congregation of responsible and commited people to the constructive development of Art Therapy in Colombia, who will be able to work in the safe and inclusive environment of the association.

Our logo reflects the duality of the Art Therapy profession. Same as the discipline, our logo is a bridge linking the expression, movement and dynamism of art as an expressive and creative form of communication, with the seriousness and formality required in a wellness and mental health treatment bases and supported by empirical evidence.

Board of Directors 2019-2021

maria teresa.jpg
maria teresa.jpg

                       Alejandra Torres            Valentina Saffon                 Paulina Martínez            María Teresa Ávila

                       (Vice President)                (President)                          (Secretary)                            (Vocal)


Do you want to contribute to the Colombian Art Therapy Association? Ar.Te acknowledges any donation made to support the development of Art Therapy profession inColombia, and the other objetives of our Association.

Questions or concerns? Contact us and we will respond as soon as possible! 

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